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Remember that terrifying feeling of exhilaration you felt as a child when the boogieman lived under your bed? The Morbid Dollhouse digs up that horror and embodies it in creepy, one-of-a-kind handmade dolls. Each monstrous piece is made from scratch with various materials. These unpleasant souls begin as simple lumps of clay and are morphed into hellish beings with hand painted features and hand stitched clothing. The gruesome details are sure to leave you with nightmares.

Hello! My name is Jade Perez, a Canadian artist based out of Alberta. I have been an artist my entire life, starting with crayons then moving to pencil drawings and painting. Over time my art evolved into some what disturbing, painfully sinister dolls that I create today. I luckily got into working with clay from the help of my husband Kotten. He introduced me to baked clays and I have been working with them, self taught, ever since.

Please note: When I first began creating dolls, I went by the username New Age Dolls. I kept this for years but after some time, I decided to change my art name to The Morbid Dollhouse - for obvious reasons! So if you come across my dolls under two different names, now you know why!

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