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Hello and welcome to the The Morbid Dollhouse. You're now entering the house of handmade, creepy dolls, horror dolls, gothic dolls and more!

The Morbid Dollhouse creates and sells creepy one of a kind handmade dolls. Each piece is made from scratch using all new artist materials. These unpleasant souls begin as simple lumps of clay and are morphed into monstrous beings with hand painted features and hand stitched clothing.

These are not your average kiddie dolls. They are hellish, tortured souls. Definitely conversation starters or the beginning of your bad dreams. Mutilation, injuries and monsters might be common themes in Jade's work but they aren't all that bad! They still give you that warm, fuzzy feeling where you just want to hug each and every one of them. Right?.... Right? Hmmm.... it's pretty quiet out there. Where did everybody go?

 ~ Each doll is 100% handmade by artist Jade Perez - using no kits or patterns!  ~

Jade Perez, the artist behind the dolls, lives in Alberta, Canada where she spends her days creating new doll designs. She works with various types of artist clay, designing and sculpting each doll character herself. Jade never draws a character first. They magically develop their own personalities and style as she works with the clay. Once ready, Jade primes, paints and seal the clay doll parts. She then builds a sturdy wire armature or soft doll body and begins to add more and more details as the doll making process progresses. The final steps include adding the doll's hair and accessories along with her signature and year the doll was made.

Jade's main art style is creepy, horror dolls with a gothic twist but she also enjoys creating cute, strange monsters and creatures. Wanting to show her lighter side, Jade started her newest art doll line Creature Alley.

Creature Alley is cute and goth mixed together, made from paper mache and paper clay/stone clay. Jade developed these critters with a more colorful and playful feel in mind. Check out the new Creature Alley designs today.

If you are an art collector you will love The Morbid Dollhouse and Creature Alley! As new dolls and art sculptures become available, they are put up for sale in The Morbid Dollhouse Shop at New creepy dolls become available weekly so make sure to view the doll store often and sign up for email newsletters.

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